active for your health since 1985

"salus populi suprema lex esto"

Marcus Tullius Cicero, De Legibus

"Let the health of the people be the supreme law," Cicero wrote in the writings "On the Laws."

In 1985, on the occasion of the foundation of INNOVAL , Kurt and Charlotte Streit wrote this fundamental conviction on the flags of their new pharmacy: "active for your health". To this day, this mission statement remains an unchanged component of INNOVAL.

INNOVAL is uncompromisingly active for patients with its advice, its large product range and its 24-hour delivery service throughout Switzerland.

The two pharmacists Kurt and Charlotte Streit studied pharmacy in Zurich at the ETH and have created an operating group from the INNOVAL pharmacy in Stans, which is active on three levels and has remained true to the actual core business: The INNOVAL Pharmacy in Stans managed by Manuela Birrer (pharmacist), the INNOVAL industrial pharmacy in Dagmersellen managed by Tibor Jakab (pharmacist) and the INNOVAL Homecare full service in Stans is managed by Marietheres Epp (qualified nurse HF).

innoval pharmacy stans


Our pharmacy in Stans has an above-average range of medicines on site, produces pharmaceutical house specialties, has a laboratory with a sterile area and its specialists are up to date with the latest knowledge.

The networked pharmacy

Sensible therapies, special services such as blood pressure measurements, in-house vaccinations, good networking with doctors and the health authorities and with other medical service providers such as physiotherapists and osteotherapists, old people's homes and nursing homes are a matter of course at INNOVAL .

Measurements of essential and practice-relevant parameters in patients, such as those of heart rate variability (HRV) and the autonomic nervous system (VNS), as well as values from bioimpedance and capacitive analyses, now represent further standard services of the INNOVAL pharmacy in Stans.

services pharmacy

Best Seller

From the wide range of our pharmacy and from our 24-hour ordering service, you can currently buy online the two dietary supplements VSL#3 and ELASTEN . We are currently working at full speed to ensure that our entire over-the-counter range will soon be available to order online.

innoval homecare full service


The INNOVAL Homecare full service Stans is a professional Homecare service provider for the patient supply of validated total supplies of medicines including all intravenous forms, clinical nutrition, pumps with accessories, infusion systems and much more after the hospital discharge.

for existing homecare customers


The INNOVAL Homecare full service is active in the specialties of cardiology, pneumology, neurology, gastroenterology, urology, oncology (palliative care) and nephrology. In addition, the full service provides medication therapies, wound therapies and supplementary therapies for parenteral and enteral nutrition.

It provides support and advice to institutional clients on supply, organization and administration, and gives specialist support wherever it is needed.

Our Homecare full service uses services of the laboratory of INNOVAL pharmacy and thus has a wide range of sterile fillings, capsule fillings, solutions, suspensions, ointments and creams, produced according to GMP regulations.

homecare for special children

We specialize in supporting and advising family caregivers and nursing services in the care of children as prescribed by the pediatrician. In doing so, we work closely with specialist physicians and clinics. Our advice is flexible and uncomplicated. We will be happy to clarify for you whether the costs will be covered by the health insurance company.

innoval industrial pharmacy

for demanding key accounts

The INNOVAL industrial pharmacy in Dagmersellen carries out the legally required validation of the entire drug shipment for major customers, performs all monitoring and control procedures and issues the release for the shipment of the drugs to the patients.

the innoval team

The quality and consistency of INNOVAL for almost four decades is thanks to our reliable team, which is always fully committed to your health.

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